Seven Stats on Getting Hammered During the Holidays

Monday, 14 December 2015
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drunkAccording to a new survey, 30% of Americans feel more stressed out around the holidays, and experience more symptoms of anxiety and depression.  So, how do we deal with it?

Over half of the people surveyed said they eat more unhealthy food this time of year.  But only 16% said they DRINK more than usual.  Liars.  Here are seven other stats on drinking during the holidays.

1.  54% of people who drink say they’ve gotten too drunk at least once during the holidays before.

2.  37% have had a hangover, and 24% have had a bad headache or a migraine that was caused by drinking.

3.  22% have puked from drinking too much.

4.  16% have gotten drunk and said things they ended up regretting.

5.  32% of us have seen someone get so drunk during the holidays that they passed out, and 24% have seen a friend or relative BLACK out.

6.  18% have seen someone fall down drunk or break something.

7.  And 16% have at least one friend who’s hooked up with someone they normally wouldn’t have.

(PR Newswire)


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