What to Do If You Run Into an Ex Over the Holidays

Monday, 07 December 2015
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exFor a lot of reasons, the holidays mean there’s a chance you might cross paths with a former boyfriend or girlfriend.  Here are six tips on how to keep the awkwardness to a minimum . . .

1.  Don’t blow them off completely, but avoid any physical contact.  A kiss on the cheek is too intimate, and a hug is a gray area.  But a handshake is just formal and weird.  So a polite smile and a nod or wave is your safest bet.

2.  It’s okay to admit that running into each other is awkward.  You can lighten the mood by acknowledging the obvious . . . just don’t dwell on it.

3.  Be prepared.  If you KNOW you’re going to bump into your ex . . . like if you’re both invited to the same party . . . prepare yourself ahead of time.

4.  Don’t brag about how great your life is now.  It’ll just make you look insecure and desperate.

5.  Don’t bring up anything from the past.  Not even to lighten the mood or make things less awkward . . . it’ll backfire.

6.  End the conversation before things get too weird.  In other words, catch up briefly, and then get out of there. 

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